A Red Circle

A Red Circle

This Black History Month, we are not only celebrating the contributions of Black Americans but, are working to fulfill their visions. We are looking forward to furthering our work in the fight against racial disparity, food insecurity, and the economic segregation that plagues many of our north St. Louis County communities. 
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You are invited to attend A Red Circle’s first civic engagement event that celebrates Black History and implements the lessons taught by icons such as John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspiration for A Red Circle North St. Louis County’s (“North County”) current economic status can be traced back to racist federal and local laws and public policies in the areas of real estate and education. A Red Circle’s vision is to restore North County to a safe, vibrant, sustainable, and economically sound community that remains diverse, and in doing so, help heal the racial strife and division that threatens to ruin North County altogether. We have identified five focus areas in which we will work to combat North County’s economic segregation—employment, education, holistic living, policy, and the arts. We would love for you to partner with us!

A Red Circle’s goals include:
  • more employment opportunities in North County;
  • updated approaches to school discipline and methods to increase parental involvement;
  • an updated formula for equitable school funding;
  • healthier food choices and greater access to organically sourced meals;
  • financial empowerment and wellness education;
  • higher voter turnout and civic engagement; and
  • increased exposure and enjoyment of the fine arts!
Share with your neighbors and friends!! We can make a difference one person and cause at a time!
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You may also mail a check payable to A Red Circle at 9950 Glen Owen Drive, St. Louis, MO  63136

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…because all blood is red