A Red Circle

A Red Circle

A Red Circle, founded in 2017, exists to promote community betterment in North St. Louis County, through a racial equity lens.
Current concerns in North St. Louis County that impact quality of life and health are the lack of sustainable jobs, education disparities, limited healthy food access, financial pressures, low voter participation, and exposure to the arts.  We approach these issues in a holistic, collaborative way – working with residents, elected officials, community leaders, volunteers, and more. 
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  • We have launched our Capital Campaign to open a community owned grocery store!  Can you support?  
A community owned grocery store in North County will:
  • provide the community a retail outlet with affordable, high quality, local produce and other items,
  • create a distribution center for local farmers to get their produce into the community, 
  • produce sales tax revenue to mitigate years of disinvestment, via a social enterprise model,
  • create jobs for North County residents, 
  • feature a demonstration garden to show residents how to grow food, and 
  • house a bistro where nutrition classes, cooking demos, and more will be offered. 

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Stl Mutual Aid


  • A Red Circle has implemented a subscription with three options:  $5/month ($60 per year) for 4 orders, $10/month ($120 per year) for 8 orders, and $15/month ($180 per year) for 12 orders.  You will be able to buy an option through the course of the year retroactively.  The purchase link is available here.  You can also purchase a one-time package here (up to three times).

Community Resource Fair

  • Community Resource Fair! A Red Circle’s Community Resource Fair will provide just about everything you need to start the year in health and wellness!  We will follow Covid-19 safety protocols and have a great time.  It’s going to be amazing! Get tickets here. 

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A Red Circle’s mission statement is, “To promote community betterment in North County, through a racial equity lens.” …because all blood is red