A Red Circle

Volunteer Opportunities

 Volunteer application form: If you are applying to volunteer for the first time, please complete the application here.

Community Organizer for Healthy Living

A Red Circle services 12 zip codes in north St. Louis County, the majority of which are in what is known as a Promise Zone. One of our focus areas is Holistic Living, which involves being healthy in body, mind, and spirit, and financially. Click here to learn more about the opportunity. 

Education Advocacy Coalition

As we prepare for the 2017-2018 school year, we are recruiting volunteers to become advocates for our children in grades pre-K through 3 in Normandy, Jennings, Riverview Gardens, Ferguson-Florissant, and Hazelwood school districts. Our goal is to be a resource to families, teachers, and students in grades pre-k through 3. We want to keep students in the classroom, learning and thriving, and assist teachers implement restorative justice practices in discipline.  Click here to learn more.  For this volunteer opportunity, please also  complete the Missouri State Highway Patrol Background Form.

Policy Intern

A Red Circle is seeking a policy intern to perform research on issues regarding the cost of inequity in north St. Louis County, public education funding and discipline and food deserts. The intern, if available, will attend County Council meetings in Clayton, Missouri, and would attend legislative sessions in Jefferson City, to learn about issues involving racial equity and nutrition. Click here to learn more.

Fundraiser Specialist

A Red Circe’s work can be described as one-third action, one-third advocacy, and one-third community empowerment. There is much to be done and we know it will take money. We need individuals who are willing to organize fundraising events, host gatherings, coordinate restaurant fundraisers, and any other events that will generate interest in racial equity work. Click here to learn more.