A Red Circle


Career Creation (IT or Legal) 

Job development, placement and opportunities for internships and apprentices throughout St. Louis.
(Not yet started)

Healthy Flavor –

A Red Circle’s Holistic Living Bistro & Garden
The Holistic Living Bistro & Garden introduces different ways of preparing foods, teaches the health benefits of eating well, and provides a place for healing and camaraderie. (Friday evenings)

Back to School Savings Account Setup 

In collaboration with Neighbors Credit Union, we educate community members on traditional banking, money saving, and the expense of school supplies. (Not yet started)

Transitioning Well – 
St. Vincent Home for Children

In June and July 2018, we will host an eight-week course on transitioning out of state-sponsored (foster) care into the real world. We will transform portions of St. Vincent Home for Children to represent a small city and each week will cover how the focus areas apply to real life. (Beginning Summer 2018)

Entrepreneurship Training 

In 2017, we received six apple trees from a generous donor. When they mature, we will produce all-natural apple butter! By engaging in local commerce, we will teach young adults business skills and create opportunity for economic growth in north St. Louis County. (In development)

Education Advocacy Coalition 

• Support students and teachers in pre-K through third grade
• Mentor, tutor and make recommendations
• Locate services and provide resources for children and their families
• Work to keep young students in the classroom and out of detention/suspension
• Promote restorative justice practices and train educators on implicit bias and cultural awareness
• Conduct Parent Cafes
• Research on equitable school funding

Volunteers will need to fill out the Missouri Highway background check form and send it to A Red Circle.
Mandated Reporter Guidelines

Parent Cafes 

Monthly workshops designed for parents of school-aged children; they occur onsite at local schools on the 4th Thursday of the month (except for the summer months and November and December).

Enrichment Seminars 

Guest speakers will discuss various topics such as credit, budgeting, nutrition and the brain, weight management, senior health concerns, family planning, and more. (Friday Evenings)


Focus Areas

Arts  Education   Employment Holistic Living Policy