A Red Circle


The Policy team works on civic engagement, voter mobilization, and alongside community advocacy groups on issues that affect the Black community.  Examples include school-to-prison pipeline, predatory lending, felony conviction box on job applications, police training, and others.

In order to work on Policy issues that affect the Black community in North St. Louis County, we must have an involved and educated electorate. To accomplish this, we are working to remove barriers to voting. One such barrier is lack of transportation. So, click here if you need a ride to the polls on November and, if you live in one of the following zip codes:

  • 63121
  • 63133
  • 63134
  • 63135
  • 63136
  • 63137
  • 63138
  • 63140
  • 63031
  • 63033
  • 63034
  • 63042