A Red Circle

Healthy Food Access

A Red Circle formed the Good Food Movement in 2020, which is a group of Black and Indigenous urban farmers, growers, chefs, policy planners, and more, working collaboratively to improve North County’s food system!



Erica Williams recently led a webinar for Missouri University Extension on Understanding and Addressing Inequalities in the Food System.  Enjoy!

North County Agricultural Education Center

The North County Agricultural Education Center, is a collaborative growing space in Pine Lawn, Missouri where we will grow food and teach about the STEM behind growing food. We will also educate the community on food justice. Finally, we will introduce young people to careers and entrepreneurship opportunities in good food.   

Work days:

Thursdays 9am – 11am (Discontinued until Spring, 2021.)

Healthy Community Market 

The Healthy Community Market hosts an affordable farmer’s market, nutrition education, cooking demos (Healthy Flavor), exercise activities, kids’ station, and more.  It is located at Zion Traveler’s Missionary Baptist Church, 351 Chambers Road, 63137 and reopens in May, 2021.

Healthy Flavor Community Garden 

A Red Circle’s community garden is located at the Healthy Community Market.  We will demonstrate how food is medicine.  We will also grow flowers and bring beauty to the region.  The garden installation is September 12 at 10 a.m. and you are welcome to volunteer with us.

Work days:

Tuesdays 10am – 12pm (Discontinued until 2021.)