A Red Circle


We love our community partners!

Thanks to STL Youth Jobs, A Red Circle hosted redcircle01a group of stellar high-school interns this summer.  They performed a myriad of tasks in Education, Holistic Living, Policy, and in outreach and fundraising efforts.  This collaboration not only allowed A Red Circle to expand its community capacity this summer; it provided a source of summer income and not-for-profit business education for the interns.  I highly recommend STL Youth Jobs and will definitely reach out to them for interns for Summer 2019. 






Maryville University’s education studies department has joined our Education Advocacy Coalition as a way to introduce future teachers to the classrooms of predominately Black school districts.  As part of our new collaboration, Executive Director Erica R Williams will introduce concepts around education justice to Maryville’s students, who will then provide A Red Circle with volunteer hours within the classrooms of select North County classrooms.  The collaboration came to be as a result of our Teach Us All panel discussion.  At that event, we agreed that new teachers should be introduced to more urban areas sooner than when they begin student teaching, to begin forming relationships with students who might represent a different demographic from what they are used to.