A Red Circle

Civic Engagement & Policy

A Red Circle welcomes the League of Women Voters of St. Louis to discuss and explain the various amendments on the General Ballot in Missouri. Be a confident and informed voter on November 3rd!

Ballot Talk Clips:

Constitution Amendment 1 & 3
Voter Intimidation

Voting In Missouri During COVID-19 – Facebook Live Video from 9-4-20 (Best with headphones.)


Policy change is a powerful tool in creating lasting community betterment.  We believe that growing the electorate in North County will lead to local citizens getting involved in the policy changes we want to see, such as in: policing reform, education, employment, and more.  Our next Voter Education & Registration Drive will take place in October and will be drive up and mobile!  Stay tuned for details.  We have notary publics on hand to notarize ballots and support our community.

Vote, Rule, or Run ~ 2018
St. Peter’s United Methodist Church
Ferguson, MO

Current Policy Foci:

  •  Policing training, 8 Can’t Wait, SROs in schools (in collaboration with Metropolitan Congregations United)
  •  Education discipline and funding (as part of the Education Advocacy Coalition)
     We have supported state legislation around out of school suspension, restraint and seclusion, and dyslexia.
  •  Increasing healthy food opportunities in North County
     We have supported legislation around allowing tax credits for moving a grocery store into abandoned stores within food deserts.